Interested in the Law of Attraction?

Interested in the Law of Attraction? Did you know that the core of all manifesting systems that work are based on 3 simple steps? Ever since I found Alan Tutt of PowerKeys Publishing online, and looked at the work he was doing, I have been impressed by his authenticity and sincere desire to help people. […]

Enfield Wellbeing Event

Enfield Wellbeing Event – 22 October 2016 Time is ticking as the Enfield Wellbeing event draws closer! We’re so looking forward to meeting people and talking about what we do. It is a chance for you to sample our methods, ask questions, and deal with minor issues (anything from residual pain, to headaches, to emotional […]

Healing – Harmony – Hyperlinks…

Healing, Harmony and Hyperlinks It has taken a while to get this site moving, not least because although we’ve both been training for a long time and I’ve been working with clients for quite some time now, it is still a fine balance of knowing what to say about health and healing. We have a […]