Do you feel stuck?
Are you looking for answers, but finding only more questions?
Are you trying to improve your health?
Does your life feel out of balance?

Would you like to be back in charge – to put yourself back in the driving seat…?

Do you long to improve your wellbeing and change your life, your health – and all that such a change would inevitably bring?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ method.
We work together to dynamically create an approach that is tailored to suit you.
Choices you make today could easily propel you towards the life you truly desire.

If you would like to know more, please send me a message so we can discuss your situation.

It doesn’t matter where you are. We don’t need to be in the same room, or even on the same continent!

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Do you feel at home where you live?

In an ideal world, our homes would nurture and support us, provide a safe haven and be somewhere special and unique where we can truly be ourselves.

Does your home support you and your dreams?
Do you and your loved ones feel happy and relaxed when at home?
Or do you feel uncomfortable, or ‘out of sorts’?
Does where you live truly feel like ‘home’?

People are often drawn to homes that serve to highlight areas of life where they may be out of alignment. Our homes are an outer reflection of ourselves, our energy and our being. As within, so without.

If you are not being fully supported by your environment, are you considering moving or changing your home in some way?
Or have you just moved house?
Does something feel ‘not quite right’? 
Do you want to connect with the heart of your home?

Are your experiencing challenges around your health, your relationships or perhaps your neighbours?
Is your home out of harmony with your life and who you are – or who you would like to become?

To find out more about the House Whispering process, finding the heart of your home, and clarifying ways that your home is a reflection of your inner being,  please contact me with details of your situation, along with how and when to get in touch with you and we can talk about your next steps.

Energy & Vibrational Healing Technologies

Vibrational Healing is a custom blend of effective technologies to offer healing on many levels as a unique combination of disciplines – designed with you in mind.

Vibrational Healing cleverly combines a range of different healing techniques, and disciplines. These can seamlessly vary from one session to the next, to flexibly and effectively optimise your results so that your naturally and unconsciously adjust and adapt, releasing the old unwanted patterns and easily adjusting to new and better ways of living your life.

Available technologies help you naturally delve into and get the best from your creative imagination and tune in to your proprioceptive awareness of your deepest truth.

Your mind is your most powerful ally.
Change the way you think and change your world.

Details of my training and methods are listed under the ‘Qualifications and Training’ tab below.

Dowsing Workshop
The Atlantis Spiritual Centre, Crews Hill

Sunday 20th October:
12:30 – 16:00   –   £25.00

Introduction to Dowsing

Explore tips, techniques and protocols.
If you already use a pendulum, find out what else is possible,
try other tools, and learn to apply these  skills in new ways and in everyday life.

To book, please contact Lynn at:

Atlantis Spiritual Centre
Browns Garden Centre
Theobalds Park Road

Tel:    0208 127 5548
Mob: 07982 824 230



More about House Whispering

We all know the feeling when something in a house isn’t right.  None of my childhood homes were ever really ‘home’. They ‘felt‘ unfriendly – sometimes crowded with people I couldn’t see and beset with strange phenomena which could be deeply unnerving.

In 2011, after nearly two decades in a reasonably happy home, we had to relocate for family reasons.  Once again I felt out of sorts.
The difference was that this time I was in charge and decided to deal with the issue!
I contacted Christian Kyriacou, the House Whisperer.
After a lengthy discussion, Christian came to my home and carried out a full consultation.

What a difference it has made!

Intrigued and fascinated, I signed up for his House Whispering Academy training and completed the course a short while ago.

Now I am ready to begin helping other people deal with issues concerning their homes, their wellbeing and their lives.  I’ve lived through many home-related problems and understand how challenging they can be.

Whether you rent or own your home, you can bring it into balance and harmony, with deep compassion and understanding of your emotions and the issues which may have drawn you to live there.

The consultation process can lead to greater depth of knowledge about your life, the challenges you face and your (often unconscious) reasons for deciding to make a particular property your home.

House Whispering can help you see your role in a situation and the underlying reasons that drew you to the issue that needs resolution. Deeper understanding leads you towards the heart of your home so you can truly be ‘at home’ where you live.

Watch this short interview with Christian to find out more: 

Vibrational Healing is a blended approach to healing which allows the incorporation of many different methods in one session,
including creative visualisation and other introspective processes, as appropriate.

Some of the healing technologies I use are listed below, with more information about specific techniques.

| The Emotion Code | Pendulum Healing | Etheric Implement Clearing | SuperConnection / SRT | Reiki

Emotion Code

The Emotion Code provides a quick and effective way to determine which emotions may be trapped (held) in your body as a result of past events. Bringing them to conscious awareness allows you to release them. Emotion Code sessions are sometimes be intense. For this reason they are no more than 30 -45 minutes long.
I recommend a minimum of three sessions for optimum results, with a review after the third to determine progress.
Please contact me if you would like more information or to book a discovery call.

Pendulum Healing

This powerful form of healing can help improve relationship issues and support you through specific life challenges.
It is a multi-faceted discipline which falls under the umbrella of ‘dowsing’ that can be applied in as many situations as your imagination permits. It is effective in clearing the lingering effects of past lives which can be beneficial and enhance your sense of wellbeing.
It is difficult to predict how long each session will be, however as a general rule it is safe to say between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours.
Please contact me if you would like more information or to book a discovery call.

Etheric Implement Clearing

Some years ago I was taught this very specific dowsing method. It is a way to remove etheric implements you are carrying on an energetic level – usually from past lives. Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, this method has been very effective with dealing with back problems and unexplained pain.

Please contact me if you would like more information or to book a discovery call.

Superconnection / SRT

Superconnection is channelled system which arose from it’s creator’s deep immersion in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). I have trained in both systems.

Superconnection facilitiates deep energetic change, together with powerful realisations and insights – no matter where you are in the world. You don’t need to be present for the session, simply relax at a pre-arranged time, so you can avoid being busy while the work is being carried out. Although most frequently requested as distant healing SuperConnection is also available via Skype or by phone.

Clients say that it brings about profound changes, paradigm shifts and ‘aha’ moments.

Each session is approximately 1 hour, but could be longer depending on your situation and what you need.
Please contact me if you would like more information or to book a discovery call.


This is a well known and very effective form of energy healing. Reiki is available either as an in-person appointment, or as distance  healing. It is powerful yet very gentle. Reiki energy forms a is part of all healing offered.

Please contact me if you would like more information or to book a discovery call.


When I was seven years old, a close relative handed me a pendulum and asked whether I could get a response to a simple yes/no question.  Dowsing came naturally to me and starting from that early success, it became an integral part of my life. Dowsing wove its way in and out of my life and became a way to find otherwise unobtainable answers or information.

During my tenth year, we moved to an old Victorian house which, I later realised was (for want of a better term) ‘haunted’. My family adjusted to the strange atmosphere, although I never liked the place. Later it became clear that others people lived in more benign environments and whatever was going on in that house was not ‘the norm’.

These and other unusual / paranormal experiences shaped my sense of the world. Eventually I realised that they were part of my life path and once I embraced that truth things began to change.

There are a number of dowsing-based systems which I’ve studied. One fascinating area is Pendulum Healing, with systems like Spiritual Response Therapy and its joyful and powerful  offshoot,

In addition to these, I trained in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Vibrational Healing, Pranic Healing, Reiki, EFT, the Emotion code and most recently House Whispering (house healing).

Recovery from any issue often requires the release of old, stuck energy. The best results are achieved by creating the optimum environment physically, nutritionally, emotionally, psychologically and energetically.

Body, mind, spirit are indivisible – the mind, or the spirit cannot be shown to reside in a specific part of the body, yet we know only too well when the energetic aspects of a being are no longer present…

My approach has become one that respects the holistic nature of existence. If we can change within then the outer representation of our true nature reflects that change. In healing, as in life, while there are no guarantees, powerful change is almost always possible.

Having just recently completed a year long training with The House Whispering Academy I’m keen to help others find peace and harmony in life, in themselves and in their homes.

House Whispering is a fascinating blend of different disciplines with a unique approach, helping you recognise and resolve issues within your home and within your being. The ultimate aim is for you to feel more “at home” in the broadest sense of that term.

House Whispering is helpful when buying and/or selling a property (or land), changing or re-arranging your home (structural or fundamental changes in a property can impact how it feels). Awareness of the underlying issues helps to illuminate the way back to balance.

If you need help connecting with the heart of your home, buying / selling a property, or have some other issue that you’d like to discuss in confidence, please get in touch to find out how I can help.

Testimonial - SuperConnection

I have to reiterate my gratitude to you as yesterday my relative’s birthday party (a potential run in scenario…) went smoothly following the work you did.
D. Spain

Testimonial - Etheric clearing

Thank you very much – you’ll be pleased to know that since the dowsing session I have had no more back issues!
The area that was causing me the most grief has gone and I’ve had no real aches or pains since.
K, London

Testimonial - SuperConnection

Thank you very much. I really appreciate you’re coming through with such high quality work.
You have gained a strong and accurate connection to [name].
It’s interesting what has come through about [name], who uses his voice for music and also as a weapon, although his speaking voice has a weak quality.
Everything you mentioned corresponds exactly to our recent energetic experience last week.
T, London